File a Complaint

We take complaints against our officers very seriously. We want the public to let us know when they feel they have not been treated fairly by one of our officers. If we have a problem, we want to fix it. 

All complaints are reviewed and investigated.

If you wish to file a complaint on an officer, there are 4 options available.

1. Request to speak with the officer's supervisor while on scene. If there is an active call of an emergency nature which requires the supervisor's immediate attention, the officer on scene will request your information to give to their supervisor. Their supervisor will then contact you as soon as it is possible.

2. File a report online by clicking HERE to fill out the online form. The form is then submitted electronically for review by the department's administrative division.

3. Fill out and print this FORM and mail or hand deliver it to the Police Department.

4. Come to the Police Department in person to fill out a complaint form.

100 N Greensboro St.
Carrboro, NC 27510
Monday-Friday 8:30am-5:00pm*
*Holidays might affect these hours*


Officers are required to give their name and their supervisor's name when a citizen requests that information. The Carrboro Police Department DOES NOT assign badge numbers. However, officers will instead give you their employee id number.