Request to Review Recording Systems

Request to review Mobile Vehicle Recording Systems (MVR) or Body Worn Camera (BWC) Video


All of our marked patrol vehicles are equipped with an in car camera system, and all of our patrol officers are required to wear a body worn camera. 

To view our body worn camera policy, click HERE.
To view our in car camera system policy, click HERE.

NC G.S 132-1.4A governs the "disclosure and release of digital media". For the purposes of the statute, a law enforcement agency may generally allow a person who appears in a MVR of BWC video to view the section(s) of the recording that they appear in. This is known as disclosure. The request to view the video must be in writing to the law enforcement agency that holds the video.

 A law enforcement agency needs a court order to release, or provide a physical copy of the video, to anyone outside of the court system. 

If you wish to review a video recorded by one or more of our MVR or BWC systems you may:

1. Fill out the request in person at the police department
100 N Greensboro St.
Monday -Friday 8:30am-5:00pm

2. You can fill out the form HERE and email a copy to us.